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What is Home Staging & how could it benefit your property?

What is Home Staging?

Home staging is a service supplied by a home stager or interior designer offering advice on the best way to present you home in preparation for it to go one the market, or if it is already on the market but not selling.

How could it benefit your property?

A properly staged home can give two benefits:

  1. It can maximise the price that you can sell your property for when you first put it on the market
  2. It will make your property more appealing to potential buyers 
  3. It can mean that you may not have to drop the price if your property is not selling as quickly as you would like 

What does Home Staging involve?

Home staging can be as simple as offering advice on how to style your property in preparation for estate agent’s photographs and viewings, décor advice, furniture placement, de-cluttering advice or a project managed service entailing a bigger-scale makeover.

Not all properties require a full-scale makeover; sometimes it might be as easy as placing furniture and accessories you already own to make the of the space they occupy or de-cluttering. A home stager can assist with this.

A home stager can also offer advice on décor and the way to use it to best effect when selling your property.

Can a Home Stager help me when I first put my house on the market?

Yes, a home stager can help dress your property in preparation for estate agent’s photographs (and subsequent viewings). It is very important that the photos taken of your property show it in its best light and that all the rooms are dressed well.

Advice on curb appeal is also important to impress passers by who might like arrange a viewing because they like what they see from the outside. A home stager can help with this too.

How do I know what Home Staging my house needs?

Home staging is different for every property, so contact a local home stager (such as Staging to Sell Bath) to make an appointment and get the best advice tailored for you 


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